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The thickness of the F-actin/fascin bundles is extracted at constant actin concentration from electron micrographs by fitting a Gaussian to the intensity profiles (Fig. 1 C Inset). The bundle thickness distributions obtained in this way are very uniform and show a slight increase of the bundle diameter, D , with the fascin concentration D ≈ ( R *) 0.3 ( Fig. 1 C ).

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Molecules, an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal. A series of nineteen novel ring-substituted N-arylcinnamanilides was synthesized and characterized.All investigated compounds were tested against Staphylococcus aureus as the reference strain, two clinical isolates of methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA), and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

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Laert David K Method and apparatus for detecting the head pose of a vehicle occupant US20080216001A1 (en) * 2006-01-05 2008-09-04 Bas Ording Portable electronic device with content-dependent touch sensitivity US20080263479A1 (en *

Patents and gender: a contextual analysis : Queen Mary …

1/3/2020· As elaborated upon in the following, patenting is gendered because of the gender-normative roles, biases and power dynamics that result in these differential rates. This is true regardless of the jurisdiction. While the gender patenting gap is a global concern, 9 this article focuses on the Western experience and, more narrowly, that of English-speaking jurisdictions.

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Interview: Michael Sharpe David Walden [issue 38:3, 2017] Interview with Donald E. Knuth Gianluca Pignalberi [issue 26:3, 2005] Interview with Federico Garcia-De Castro David Walden [issue 37:3, 2016] Interview with Pavneet Aroraissue 37:2, 2016

Quantitative risk assessment for Escherichia coli O157:H7 …

5/5/1998· Fitting the parameters of this distribution to over 500 Australian data samples (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, unpublished data), the mean was estimated at 6.1 log 10 CFU/g and the standard deviation at 0.9 log 10 CFU/g.

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The Functional Records Retention Schedule An Alternative That Works! Organizations are increasingly concerned about the legal issues affecting their records retention program. This column has previously focused on legal issues such as keeping records too

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Before fitting the models, we used spline correlograms to confirm that there was no spatial autocorrelation between sites. For each of the responses, we examined and compared the estimated effect sizes (regression coefficients) and fitted models.

Structure–function analysis of the extracellular domain of …

Standard deviations on these values were calculated from Monte Carlo simulations during the fitting procedures. {1 H} 15 N-NOE values were determined by the comparison of the intensities of each

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The fitting lines about Z′ versus ω −1/2 (ω = 2πf ) were displayed in Figure 10S in the Supporting Information (A3, B3, C3), to further obtain σ. Obviously, the slopes of 1D CNF are smaller than those of other samples, and the larger the σ, the smaller the D Na+ .

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The roster viewer form of the economical federation sim. - bashis/The-Federation-WWE-Roster-Viewer Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software

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David Harvey: A Critical Reader A CRITICAL READER EDITED BY NOEL CASTREE & DEREK GREGORY DAVID HARVEY David Harvey Antipode Book Series General Ed 1,796 1,542 2 Read more Critical Theory and International Relations: A Reader 1,143

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King David Kalakaua (1836-1891), the last male monarch of Hawai’i, wrote in 1888 (Marsella, Oliveira, Plummer, & Crabbe, Supporters who wished to take up residence in the Village were first scrutinized as to their "fitting into" the daily pace. Visitors and

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Come fan with us. SB Nation is the largest independent sports media brand, consisting of SBNation, MMAFighting and over 300 fan-centric team communities. With just

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Dr. David performed a general examination of the body in the moonlight. He noted neck injuries, wounds on her breasts, and a deep gash on the right side. The other men helped Dr. David carry Anna’s body on a “shutter” to Henry Russie’s house; her hair hung over the sides and dripped blood.

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wabohu//hosek, and earth = abyss. Ugaritic Texts There is an interesting Ugaritic phrase tu-a-bi fitting into one another like a nest of bowls. For there were in all eight whorls, set one within another, with their rims showing above as circles and making

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Back in early 2014, myself and David Neubelt started doing serious research into using Spherical Gaussians as a compact representation for our pre-computed lighting probes. One of the first things I did back then was to create a testbed appliion that we could use to compare various lightmap representations (SH, H-basis, SG, etc.) and quickly experiment with new ideas.

Enhancing the stability and solubility of TEV protease …

In determining the stability of TEV and its variants, we used an average m value of 3.6 kcal/mol per M in the global fitting procedure. Acknowledgements We thank David Waugh (National Cancer Institute at Frederick) for his gift of the wild‐type TEV expression plasmid.

Emotion Work, Feeling Rules, and Social Structure | …

David Barberá-Tomás, Itziar Castelló, Frank G. A. de Bakker, Charlene Zietsma Energizing through Visuals: How Social Entrepreneurs Use Emotion-Syolic Work for Social Change, Academy of Management Journal 62, no.6 6 (Dec 2019): 1789–1817.

Intrinsic map dynamics exploration for uncharted …

Hosek P (2015) Enhanced sampling techniques in biomolecular simulations. Biotechnol Adv 33: (2007) Fitting effective diffusion models to data associated with a “glassy” potential: Estimation, classical inference procedures, and some heuristics. 6: 656 – 687

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Determination of protein–protein binding affinity values is key to understanding various underlying biological phenomena, such as how missense variations change protein–protein binding. Most existing non-rigorous (fast) and rigorous (slow) methods that rely on all-atom representation of the proteins force the user to choose between speed and accuracy. In an attempt to achieve balance

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Triggered Escalating Real-Time Adherence Intervention to Promote Rapid HIV Viral Suppression Among Youth Living With HIV Failing Antiretroviral Therapy: Protocol for a Triggered Escalating Real-Time Adherence Intervention K Rivet Amico, School of Public Health, Department of Health Behavior and Health Eduion, University of Michigan, 1415 Washington Heights, Ann Arbor, MI, 48109-2029, …

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David Ong, Ho Fai Chan, Benno Torgler, Yu (Alan) Yang Collaboration incentives: Endogenous selection into single and coauthorships by surname initial in economics and management, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 147 (Mar 2018): 41-57.

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