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Selespeed System Oil usage | Alfa Romeo Forum

24/1/2012· I cant see, or smell, a leak in the system. Any clues? The car had a hissy fit today where the selespeed light on the dash would flash for about 30secs then go. In that time the car would be stuck in gear, which is a pain when you are doing 40mph in second lol.

Hosecraft USA Suction Hoses of Every Style

RP1 PETROLEUM HOSE RP1 is the industry standard for suction ready in-plant, tank truck and general transfer of gasoline, oil, and refined petroleum products at 150psi pressures. Also available in ready made asselies. 1-1/4" to 4" diameters.

How Can I Fix a Hydraulic Leak? Hydraulic Stop Leak | …

Jason-BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak is compatible to use in the trim and tilt. We recommend adding 1 ounce of BlueDevil per every 1 quart of capacity. Feel free to contact our tech support team at 888-863-0426 with any further questions

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DOWNLOAD HOSE GUIDE If you have more questions about proper hose selection, best practices, installation, routing, maintenance or overall performance, contact us. Our Field Engineers are trained to work alongside you, identify potential areas for improvement, and help you implement a plan.

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Chemical Hose Type 422/432 Steam Hose Type 536 Air Hose Type 111/112/114/142 Water Suction and Discharge Hose Type 616/618/620/622 Furnace Door Cooling Water Hose Type 537/538 Specialty & Custom Hand Built Hose Offshore Oil & Submarine

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2 Metre 3.2mm 1/8" Diesel Leak Off Petrol Pipe Fuel Line Hose Water Oil Hosing £6.50 + £3.95 P&P 1 METER BRAIDED DIESEL LEAK SPILL OFF INJECTOR PIPE+2 BLANK END 3.2MM 1/8" £3.70

Recalls: Ford C-Max Roof, 2011 Lotus Evora S Oil Hose

33,000 Ford C-Max hybrids for not meeting NHTSA requirements, while, Lotus is recalling 2011 Evora S models for a possible oil leak. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced

Fiat 500: Oil Leak Diagnosis | Drivetrain Resource

If the oil leak is coming from your Fiat 500’s oil filter or plug, clearly replacing them is going to be the fix. If you do end up changing the plug or oil filter, just make sure to get new oil when you go to the parts store, since you’ll lose engine oil when dealing with either one.

Should I clean my car''s engine? - The Globe and Mail

"If you have an oil leak, that attracts dirt so, yeah, you''ll want to clean it," says Faruki. "But, in my opinion, if everything is working well – no oil or coolant leaks – cleaning the engine

Hydraulic hose is sweating? | Hearth Forums Home

22/1/2010· My Huskee 22 is having an issue with a sweaty line. Its the line that comes up from the oil tank to the piston and oil is actually sweating through the hose. I called Speeco and they said they have had issues in the past with poor quality hoses, and they upgraded, but I apparently had a bad

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Cement plant spills 2,000 liters of bunker oil into Rizal river 201599- MANILA, Philippines – A leak in a cement company’s fuel storage tank is suspected of releasing an estimated 2,000 liters of bunker fuel i

CCV, DISA, Fuel Filter? Oil consumption + Lean & misfire …

11/7/2016· Oil consumption + Lean & misfire codes P0444/P0171/P0174 etc. I''m in the process of troubleshooting and trying to resolve several SES codes as well as oil consumption. Looking for guidance on what’s likely causing these problems and logical next steps.

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They changed the oil, checked (& filled) all the fluids, all the filters, tires, lights, etc. Told us about a small leak but didn''t push us to fix it with them; just made us aware of the problem. And told us about brake lights being out, told us how much replacements were, and went ahead and installed them.

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We already know the turbo motors like to use a bit of oil; now if yours has a leak, you''re really going through the oil! This kit fixes all of that, so you will never have to worry about it again. Since this is just the line, you might want to buy a Turbo Oil Line Kit , or an Exhaust Clamp , or an Exhaust Gasket .

XC90 Oil Leak At Charge Air Cooler | The 2004 Volvo …

Shortly after I purchased my 2004 XC90, I noticed some oil seeping from the connection between the charge air cooler and the pipe that leads to the throttle/ETM. The connection is supposed to be an air-tight one, but it’s still possible that oil seeps out from here. If you’re thinking to yourself that oil probably shouldn’t be seeping out of there in the first place, you’re right. But

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Posts about coolant leak written by jayauto We are working on a 2008 Porsche Cayenne V8 Turbo. The vehicle developed a coolant leak behind the engine against the firewall. After painstakingly gaining access, we found that a cheaply made plastic coolant tee

Oil Leak and Gas Smell? | Subaru Outback Forums

13/1/2010· The oil leak is more than likely coming from the head gaskets. My ''00 has 181,000 miles currently, and the head gaskets have been seeping oil for at least 25,000 miles. When I bought it a year ago with 169,000, they were seeping as well, but it has not gotten any worse.

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Jason Richardson Jason Richardson 11 2 2 bronze badges Pic from above? – sjfklsdafjks Nov 16 ''17 at 15:09 With that much I’d assume a hole in the hose or something that that – sjfklsdafjks Nov 16 ''17 at 15:10 3 Is that an oil cooler built into the oil filter fitting

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9/10/2007· Engine 94 5.0 strange oil leak 1994 - 1995 Specific Tech 7 Dec 28, 2019 Engine intake manifold oil leak 1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech 75 Jul 6, 2019 Valve cover oil leak 1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-3 Jul 2, 2019 D Engine Oil leaking from 2 T

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Development of our 6.4L ch can kit began with our engineer, Jason, analyzing the stock oil fill neck/oil separator, then designing and 3D printing a replacement. This new fill neck is designed to kill two s with one stone: intercept the blow-by and direct it to our ch can, and replace the failure-prone stock ratcheting oil cap.

Engine oil cooler line replacement DIY guide

7/8/2014· In the case of these oil lines, failure has the potential to allow the engine oil to leak out rapidly, potentially leading to engine damage due to insufficient lubriion. For these reasons I usually go for new OEM replacement parts even though the upfront cost is almost always higher than aftermarket or repair / refurbishment / rebuild options.

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AT326728 - Hydraulic Hose fits John Deere | Price: $47.86 Price: $47.86. Stock: In Stock. AT326728 Hydraulic Hose - New Genuine OEM John Deere part. Part ID Name Section 4475 - LOADER, SKID-STEER HYDRAULICS HYDRAULIC PUMP LINES AND

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medium pressure 1/2 inch oil hose Oil cooler system barb hose oil fittings, male and , 3/8 and 1/2 inch, oil pressure booster kits, adjustable pressure regulators, stock oil PVC Suction Hose, 50 PSI Max Pressure, 1-1/2 inches ID, Tigerflex WOR Series Heavy Duty

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Worn Oil Hose: If not caught in time, a worn oil hose will spring a leak and drain oil out of the engine. This may lead to engine failure. Symptoms of insufficient oil include the engine making odd noises and the oil pressure light coming on.

Why is My Valve Cover Gasket Leaking? | BlueDevil Products

If you have a leaking valve cover gasket, learn how to find the leak, then use BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak to quickly and easily seal your leak. I have a 1987 Nissan 300zx that will over heat right at about 25 minutes of freeway driving at 65 MPH. After a lot of checking my

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Oil leak from engine seals due to restricted crankcase ventilation. Noise (knocking). Low oil pressure can cause premature bearing wear and lead to internal engine component failure. High oil consumption/noise from turbo. Damaged bearing or seals in the turbo

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14/6/2004· I''ve got a radiator problem - I''ve got a leak somewhere in my radiator which caused all of my fluid to leak out. I thought it might be a headgasket problem, bu t it obviously isn''t. I don''t have white smoke comming out of my tailpipe, and coolant has not mixed with my oil.